DD-T940700 - Compression Reducing Tee.

DD-T940700 - Compression Reducing Tee.


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Product Description

Tee is designed to adapt 1/2" drip tubing (700 series) (black ring) to 3/4" .940 OD poly tubing (gray ends). Compression Fittings fit over drip tubing and require no glue or clamps. Installation is quick and easy.

Product Details

  • Black rings indicate 700 fittings (for .700" Drip tubing)
  • Compression TEE Adapter for 3/4" .940 OD poly tubing - Gray ends and .700" OD drip tubing drip tubing - Black ring
  • Quick & Easy Installation
  • High Quality Plastic with Maximum UV Protection
  • Recommended Operating Pressure: 10 to 30 PSI
  • Maximum Operation Pressure: 60 PSI

DD-C250 - Drip Irrigation 1/4" Barbed Connector.