MEL16043-RSC - Melnor 16043 WIFI Aqua Timer - Smart Water Timer

MEL16043-RSC - Melnor 16043 WIFI Aqua Timer - Smart Water Timer


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Manufacturer Melnor

RainCloud Smart Water Timer

The easiest, most flexible solution for watering up to 4 areas from one faucet — RainCloud is controlled from your smart device to easily schedule your watering from home or while away, at the office, on vacation, anywhere you have internet access.


  • Set-Up is a Snap — Connecting to Your Phone is a Breeze
    First, create your free RainCloud account. Then, pair your inside Control Unit with the outside Watering Hub (connected to your faucet) and control from your device. It’s as easy as 1-2-3.
  • Simple Scheduling — Easy to Use Phone App (Apple and Android)
    There are endless scheduling options - ranging from easy daily watering to intricate irrigation schedules to meet the most advanced gardening needs.
    Each garden hose or zone, has its own watering schedule. Set up your zones and go.
  • Easy Odd Jobs
    RainCloud provides easy options to help get the job done. The faucet unit has simple push-button controls to easily start and stop the flow of water. On hot summer days you can add a little extra water to the garden with just a few taps on the smartphone or computer.
  • Total Automation
    If you would like to completely automate your watering, add an AquaSentry Soil Moisture Sensor. AquaSentry will monitor the soil to prevent overwatering when it has rained. It’s easy and completely automatic.


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DD-C250 - Drip Irrigation 1/4" Barbed Connector.



DD-GP - Goof Plug - Dual End 1/4" & 1/8".