SMRT-Y - Rain Bird Soil Moisture Sensor Kit

SMRT-Y - Rain Bird Soil Moisture Sensor Kit


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Manufacturer Rain Bird

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Key Benefits

  • Proven Water-Savings. An independent research study proves that a SMRT-Y delivers 45% to 73% water savings.
  • 20 Minute Installation. Perfect for contractors who are looking for a water-saving upgrade solution for their customers – with minimal installation time.
  • Makes Any Controller Smart. Works with any standard 24V AC controller, the SMRT-Y Sensor allows watering based on the soil's actual moisture content.
  • Bury and Forget. Made with high grade 304 stainless steel – not plastic resin – the SMRT-Y Sensor has been rigorously tested for over five years in the harshest conditions for trouble-free performance.
  • Industry’s Most Accurate Sensor. The SMRT-Y digital TDT™ sensor is highly accurate in any soil condition with no manual calibration needed.

every 45 seconds to ensure the most reliable communication between sensor and controller.

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