Types of Landscape Lighting Fixtures

Types of Landscape Lighting Fixtures

Choosing the right Landscape Lighting fixture for the desired lighting effect is likely the most important decision you will make in designing your Landscape Lighting scheme.  Different types of lights will give different effects and illuminate features in different ways.  That being said it's not difficult to determine which types of lighting will likely be best suited for your lighting installation.

What Are The Types Of Landscape Lighting Fixtures Available?

Generally there are four categories of Landscape Lighting Fixtures; Spot (Up) & Accent Lighting, Pathway & Spread Lights, In-Ground Lights, & Deck, Step, and Brick Lights.  The following table illustrated different types of Landscape Lighting Fixture and provides common uses for each fixture.

Spot and Accent Lighting Fixtures

Spot and Accent Lighting is most commonly used to highlight important fixtures or plantscapes on your home or landscape design.  Large Trees are often highlighted with Spot Lights as are Statuary and Architectural Elements of Homes.  Different types of bulbs and fixtures can be used for different effects such as height and width of illumination.


Pathway Lighting

Pathway Light fixtures are used to illuminate pathways, driveways, and low lying shrub and flower beds.  Pathway Lights can be used to show off stone work or to provide safety for tricky steps leading to a dock or garden area.   

In-Ground Landscape Lighting

In-Ground Lights, also known as Well Lights, are an excellent choice for uplighting trees, shrubs, and statuary.  They are similar in practice to spot lights but often not as versatile due to there stationary installation.  In-Ground lights are perfect for hiding the light fixture while accentuating the feature it is lighting.

Deck, Step and Brick Lighting

Deck and Brick Lighting is ideal for installations into Bricks and Patio Walls and can also be installed in fence lines.  Deck and Brick Lighting can be used for walkways, steps, and general outdoor illumination.


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