Sprinkler Irrigation 123 Tutoria Plan Your Layout

Sprinkler Irrigation 123 Tutoria Plan Your Layout

1. Plan Your Layout

It may seem like you’re jumping ahead of things to immediately plan your sprinkler layout, but when using MP Rotators (and any other Rotor or Spray Head) we usually start with the sprinkler head layout and work backwards to the water source. The first step of planning your layout is to start with a decent scaled drawing of your yard. We will start our example using our sample yard below. Although the layout is simple the same principles will apply for most properties.

Once you have measured out your lawn you can begin the process of placing Sprinkler Heads on your yard layout. As MP Rotator Heads are colour coded we recommend you have access to coloured pencils or markers to layout the design. It will assist you in keeping track of placements and also make installation that much easier.

Click Here to access the MP Rotator Performance Chart to begin the planning process.

As you can see the performance chart provides the radius, and flow rate of each nozzle at pre-set PSI ratings. We achieve the proper PSI rating by using Spray Bodies that are pressure rated to achieve the desired performance for the nozzles. Although MP Rotators are designed for ultimate performance at 40 PSI you can design your system using either 30 or 40 PSI assumption as Irrigation Direct Canada offers spray bodies for both of these rating (we don’t offer 50 PSI spray bodies).

Let The Fun Begin!

As you plot your nozzle layout you should take note of the water usage for each nozzle to tally total usage as you plan the system. Let’s start with the first nozzle as an example before we complete the layout for the entire lawn. Note: You may want to raid your kids pencil bag for coloured pencils or markers!


We’ve started in the front corner of the yard and used an MP2000-90 as our nozzle choice.  As you can see from the performance chart the MP2000-90 has a radius of 20 ft at 40 PSI which is precisely what we need for this corner.  It is also designed with an adjustable arc of 90 to 210 degrees which is also what we require. 

Here are the things to note.

  • Nozzle Colour: Black
  • Water Usage at Arc Setting: 0.43 gpm (25.8 gph)
  • PSI for Desired Performance: 40


The gallons per hour will be used later, so keep track as you go.



Let’s place another nozzle which requires an adjustment in radius.