1/4" Drip Irrigation Fittings

1/4" Drip Irrigation Fittings

1/4" Drip Irrigation Fittings

Drip Irrigation Fittings for 1/4" Tubing. 


DD-C250 - Drip Irrigation 1/4" Barbed Connector. (B2D6)

Direct Drip 1/4" (250) Connector Barb X Barb.  This is one of the common fittings found in drip irrigation.  This fitting is often punched through a solid drip line to create a connection for 1/4" micro tubing.  



Quantity Price
50-999 Items $CAD0.16
1000+ Items $CAD0.14

DD-FCV250 - 1/4" Barbed In-line Flow Control Valve. (B2D4)

Direct Drip 1/4" (250) Flow Control Valve Barb x Barb. Used the FCV250 to shut off flow to no longer used Emitters in a Drip Irrigation System



Quantity Price
50+ Items $CAD0.99

DD-GP - Goof Plug - Dual End 1/4" & 1/8". (B2D5)

Direct Drip Dual End Goof Plug. NOTE: Always purchase Goof Plugs for your Dirp Irrigation System.  Goof Plugs are used for correcting mistakes when installing a Drip System.  They are also helpful when Drip Irrigation components need to be re-located for changes in plant locations.  Goof Plugs can also be used to plug the end of a 1/4" drip hose.



Quantity Price
100-999 Items $CAD0.15
1000+ Items $CAD0.08

Minimum Order: 10 Items

DD-HP250 DG - Hole Punch Tool for 1/4" Barbed Fittings & Drippers (B2E3)

Drip Irrigation Hole Punch for 1/4" Barb Fittings and Drip Emitters.



DD-KP - Economical Hole Punch for 1/4" Barbed Fittings & Drippers (B2E5)

Drip Irrigation Economical Hole Punch - 1/4" Barb.



Quantity Price
25+ Items $CAD1.25

DD-L250 - 1/4" Barbed Elbow. (B2D7)

Direct Drip 1/4" (250) Elbow Barb x Barb.  Turn corners on your Drip System easily with 1/4" barbed fittings.



Quantity Price
50-999 Items $CAD0.17
1000+ Items $CAD0.15

DD-MJRA-TB - Micro Spray 1/4" Barb x 10-32 Adapter for MJRB (D1B6)

This fitting is 1/4" Barb x 10-32 Threaded Adapter.  This Drip Irrigation Fitting is used to convert 10-32 Thread to Barb Fittings and can be install on the end of any rigid riser.



DD-MJRA-TT - Micro Spray Threaded Adapter 10-32 x 10-32 for MJRE (D1B5)

Micro Spray Threaded Adapter 10-32 Thread x 10-32 Thread, this part comes installed on our DD-MJRE8, DD-MJRE12 & DD-MJRE18



Quantity Price
100+ Items $CAD0.28

DD-MJRB12 - Micro Spray 12" Rigid Riser with 1/4" Barb Adapter (D1A4)

Micro Spray 12" Rigid Riser with 1/4" Barb Adapter.  Use with MJCS13 to create an adjustable Micro Spray Riser.  10/32 Opening for installation of threaded Micro Sprayers.



Quantity Price
100+ Items $CAD0.81

DD-SP250 - Super Punch for 1/4" Barbed Fittings & Drippers. (B2E4)

Super Punch 1/4" (250) Professional Drip Tubing Hole Punch.



DD-T250 - Barbed Tee. (B2D8)

Direct Drip 1/4" (250) Tee Barb x Barb x Barb.  A Tee Barbed Fitting can be punched into a 1/2" or 3/4" Solid Drip Hose and will create an outlet for 2 seperate 1/4" drip lines.  Emitters can then be attached to both ends of the 1/4" tubing.



Quantity Price
50-999 Items $CAD0.19
1000+ Items $CAD0.16

1/8" Tee Antelco .16" Barb (F1D3)

40345 - 1/8" Tee Antelco .16" Barb 

1/8" Tee