Hydro-Rain Sprinkler Manifold Assembly

Hydro-Rain Sprinkler Manifold Assembly

Hydro-Rain Sprinkler Manifold Assembly

Sprinkler Manifolds are the heart of any Irrigation system.  This is the assemblly where Valves are located and turned on or off for zone watering.  Pre-assembled manifolds are a convenient way to assemble the valves in a comact space and provide a fool proof assembly to ensure a water tight and durable assembly for your Irrigation Valves.  Manifold Assemblies from Hydro Rain for Inground Sprinkler Systems are asy to assemble and used for both professional and DIY Irrigation Installations.  Pre-assembled Manifolds can be easily expanded for future zones or capped for non-functioning zones.  


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Hydro Rain 2 Port Irrigation Valve Manifold 1"

The 2 Port Irrigation Manifold can be expanded using a swivel coupling for additional Valves.  A 1" Male adapter is used to attach the Manifold body to a 1" FPT Sprnkler Valve.  Hydro-Rain Manifolds are easy to assemble and durable for long term reliability.  




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03101 - Hydro-Rain HRM-100-03-BD HRM 100 3-Port Manifold

Hydro-Rain HRM-10003BD HRM 100 3-Port Manifold.  Easily expandible for additional Sprinkler Zones.  

Please note:  You will need Hydro-Rain Adaptors to properly install this product with 1" Solenoid Valves.  Please see our Guide For Manifold Assembly.



03105 - HRM 100 Fbt Swivel x 1" Mipt Adapter

03105 - HRM 100 Fbt Swivel x 1" Mipt Adapter.  This is almost always the fitting that attaches the Manifold Body to the 1" Irrigation Valve.  The 1" MIPT fitting adapts to all major 1" FIPT Irrigation Valves.



03110 - HRM 100 FBT Swivel Coupling

03110 HRM 100 Double Swivel Coupling.  Use this fitting to combine two Sprinkler Manifold bodies together to form lartger manifold assemblies.  



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03107 - HRM 100 Fbt Swivel x 1" Fipt Adapter

03107 - HRM 100 Fbt Swivel x 1" Fipt Adapter to combine 1" Male Pipe Thread Irrigation components to a Hydro-Rain Manifold body.



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03102 - HRM 100 Fbt Manifold Cap

03102 - Hydro-Rain HRM 100 Fbt Cap for capping off an Irrigation Valve Manifold Body or unused zone on a Sprinkler Manifold Assembly.

03102 Cap


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