Drip Irrigation Hole Punches

Drip Irrigation Hole Punches

Drip Irrigation Hole Punches

Irrigation Direct Canada supplies a complete line of hole punches for Drip Irrigaiton Watering Systems and Drip Tape Applications. These Irrigation Tools simplify the installation of Drip Irrigation Systems. Used to Install Micro Fittings to Drip Tube Distribution Lines.

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DD-HP250 DG - Hole Punch for 1/4" Barbed Fittings & Drippers

Drip Irrigation Hole Punch for 1/4" Barb Fittings and Drip Emitters.



SPDT - Netafim Drip Emitter Insertion Tool

SPDT - Netafim Drip Emitter Instertion Tool.  Save your sore fingers with Netafim's Emitter Insetion Tool.

Works with Both SPCV Self Piercing Emitters and Woodpecker Jr Emitters.



DT-HP400 - Hole Punch .400" Barb for Hi-Flow Drip Tape Fittings

Fits comfortably in your hand, this punch is constructed of heavy duty plastic & creates clean, precise holes for .400 barb drip tape fittings in 3/4" drip tubing (or larger). Works with T-Tape, Aqua Traxx, and Chapin Drip Tape Systems.



I-TOOL The Ultimate Irrigation Multi-Tool

The I-Tool is compatible with all major sprinkler brands and gives you a one stop shop for adjustments, and maintenance. Every tool comes with a convenient carrying case for easy access.