In-Ground and Well Lights

In-Ground and Well Lights

In-Ground and Well Lights

Well Lights are used to illuminate large trees and features. Installed inground to protect the fixture from lawn maintanence and foot traffic.

Our Landscape Lighting offering takes you from start to finish with all the supplies you need to install a state of the art outdoor lighting system.  Our goal is to supply high quality and energy efficient lighting products that are both easy to install and maintain. 

Just Starting Out? Check out our Landscape Lighting Tutorials for both design and installation tips. 


Brilliance Biscayne MR16 Glass Top Well Light w/MR16 4 2700 30 Lamp

Brilliance Biscayne MR16 Glass Top Well Light comes w/MR16 4 2700 30 Lamp.  For lighting large trees and landscape features.  Well lights are installed in ground to enable installation on lawns and high traffic areas.