Flow Control

Flow Control

Flow Control
Flow Control Fittings can serve multiple purposes in a Drip or Micro Irrigation System. They can be used to stem or shut off the flow of water to segments of the system, but can also be used at the end of a row for drainage at season end. One thing is true, you can never have enough flow control in your drip system.


DD-FCV250 - 1/4" Barbed In-line Flow Control Valve. (C2B6)

Direct Drip 1/4" (250) Flow Control Valve Barb x Barb. Used the FCV250 to shut off flow to no longer used Emitters in a Drip Irrigation System



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100+ Items $CAD0.90

DL-FCV600 - Drip Irrigation Perma-Loc Easy Loc 1/2" Flow Control Valve (C6A2)

Perma-Loc Easy Loc 1/2" Valve EL x EL. Reliable and Easy to use,Perma-Loc Fittings are popular with both contractors and do-it-yourself homeowners installing drip and micro irrigation systems.  Use Flow Control Valves to shut off water to flow to a Drip Irrigation System.  You can also use Flow Control at the end of a drip hose for easy drainage.

Irritec PN A2-HV66



DL-FCV75MP-600 - Direct-Loc 3/4" MPT x DL Flow Control Valve (C2A8)

This product is commonly used at the start of a drip hose row or run with flow control enabling the quick and easy shut off of inidividual rows or sections of the Drip System.  Irritec PN A2-HV6TH75

Installation Tip: If you are using a 3/4" or greater distribution line use this product with Dawn Quick Tap Saddles to save time and energy!




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25-99 Items $CAD2.30
100+ Items $CAD2.25