Blu-Lock Irrigation Tubing

Blu-Lock Irrigation Tubing

Blu-Lock Irrigation Tubing

Everything you do from the valve out, you can now do faster and easier with Blu-Lock from Hydro-Rain. Primer? Glue? Clamps? Tools? With Blu-Lock Systems, you don't need them! It's the fastest and greenest irrigation installation method in the world. Perfect for both the Do it yourself job, or professional installations.

To Download A Copy of The Blu Lock Brochure For Sprinkler Irrigation Click Here

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BLP-050-CL-1X - Blu-Lock Swing Pipe 1/2" x 100 ft

Use Blu-Lock Swing Pipe for to connect Rotors and Spray bodies to larger lateral lines.  



BLP-075-CL-1X - Blu-Lock Swing Pipe 3/4" x 100 ft

BLP-075-CL-1X - 3/4" Blu-Lock Irrigation Tubing - 100ft



BLP-075-CL-3X - Blu-Lock Swing Pipe 3/4" x 300 ft

BLP-075-CL-3X - 3/4" Blu-Lock Irrigation Tubing - 300ft



BLP-100-CL-3X - Blu-Lock Swing Pipe 1" x 300 ft

BLP-100-CL-3X - 1" Blu-Lock Irrigation Tubing - 300ft