Compression Fittings

Compression Fittings

Compression Fittings

Drip Irrigation Compression Fittings are used to combine sections of either 1/2" or 3/4" Drip Tubinga and are also used to combine sections of Soaker Hose Dripline.  These fittings work by way of an internal compression ring that squeezes the outside diamter of the drip tubing as it is inserted into the Compression Fittings.  These fittings are not recommended for re-use in which case we would receommend Direct Lock Fittings.

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DD-CHS700 - 3/4" Hose Thread Swivel x .700 OD Compression Adapter - Black Ring. (B1F3)

Direct Drip 3/4" Female Hose Thread Swivel Hose Adapter w/washer x 1/2" Compression Drip Fitting.



DD-C700 - 1/2" Irrigation Compression Coupling .700 OD - Black Rings. (B1D2)

Direct Drip Compression Coupling - 1/2" 700 Tubing.  Connector used to connect two pieces of 1/2" 700 IrrigationTubing together for longer lengths.



Quantity Price
25+ Items $CAD1.60

DD-L700 - 1/2" Compression Elbow .700 OD - Black Rings. (B1D3)

Direct Drip Compression Elbow - 700 Tubing.  Irrigation connector used to make 90 degree turns with 1/2" 700 series poly irrigation tubing.



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25+ Items $CAD1.70

DD-T700 - 1/2" Compression Tee .700 OD - Black Rings. (B1D1)

1/2" Direct Drip Compression Tee Fitting - 700 Tubing



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25+ Items $CAD1.95

DD-EC700 - 1/2" Compression Hose End Plug .700 OD with 3/4" Cap - Black Ring. (B1D4)

Direct Drip Compression End Cap - 700 Tubing
Caps the end of a 1/2" 700 Series Drip Irrigation Solid Tube. Comes with Removable Cap for easy flushing of system.



Quantity Price
25+ Items $CAD1.10

DD-CST700 - 3/4" Hose Thread Swivel x 1/2" .700 OD Compression Tee - Black Rings. (B1F2)

Direct Drip Compression Swivel Tee 700 Tubing x 3/4 FHT w/ Washer. If your Drip Irrigation System is starting at the end of a garden hose, this product enables you to start your Drip Tubing in 2 different directions.



DIG 24-065 - DIG 3/4" FNPT Swivel Tee .700 OD Compression Fitting (B1F4)

The DIG 24-065 - DIG 3/4" FNPT Swivel Tee .700 OD Compression Fitting is a useful fitting for installing both 17mm and 12mm Dripline using either T12075MA (for Techline EZ) or T17075MA (for 17mm Dripline).  This product is usefull for easy removal of driplines.  

DIG 24-065