Tools and Accessories

Tools and Accessories

Tools and Accessories

Irrigation Direct Canada offers a full selection of Irrigation Tools for Sprinkler Irrigation Systems.

Irrigation tools and supplies for installations.  Used for organic farming, drip irrigaiton, micro irrigaiton.


ANT-PNC Antelco Punch and Cutter (B2E7)

This two-in-one drip tubing cutter and hole punch and incorporates a number of features to simplify the installation and maintenance of drip irrigation systems for home gardeners and professional landscapers. This one handy tool can do it all. This tool is both a tubing cutter and a 3-mm hole punch.





TL-TC100 - 3/4" Tubing Cutter (B2E8)

Versatile and lightweight tool that easily cuts many different kinds of thin wall plastic pipe; hose and tubing. Spring action is perfect for making multiple cuts fast.



MPTOOL - Hunter MP Rotator Adjustment Tool (E1D11)

MP Rotator Technology from Hunter uses multiple streams with multi-trajectories to achieve matched precipitation. Save up to 30% in water efficiency with your sprinkler system.



RB TOOL - Rain Bird Rotor Adjustment Tool (E1D10)

Rain Bird Rotor Adjustment Tool.

RB Tool


HN ADJ TOOL - Hunter and Hydro Rain HRX Rotor Adjustment Tool (E1C11)

Adjsutment tool for Hunter Rotors and Hydrorain HRX Rotor.



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5+ Items $CAD3.50

RS32 - Dawn KwikCut Rope Saw (G1C3)

Wrap Saw around object to be cut. Use back and forth motion until you get a smooth clean cut.



HN Rotor Collar (J2C6)

Collar for Hunter Rotors

Works with:

  • Hunter PGP04Ultra, I-20, I-25 Series
  • Rainbird T5000 Series
  • HydroRain HRX-075 Series 

HN Rotor Collar



  • Combination holdup tool and bubble level makes proper rotor installation easier
  • Works with Rain Bird 5000 Series, 5500 Series, EAGLE 351B, Falcon 6504, 7005 and 8005 Series Rotors



Orbit Spray Head Pull Up Tool (J2C5)

  • Use for Replacing and Installing Nozzles
  • Handy tool makes working on pop-up sprinklers easy
  • Eliminates frustrating, time-consuming accidental stem retraction
  • Easily pulls nozzle and stem into full open position
  • Holds stem in full open position while you work freely with both hands
  • Corrosion resistant


Rainbird PN: PTC1 or N89900



QUIKTOOL NE005 - 1/2" and 3/4" Nipple Extractor from Dawn Industries (B2F7)

Nipple extractor for removing existing nipples for repair or replacement.



IRR DG1 - 1/4" MPT Pressure Gauge - 100PSI (C2F7)

100 PSI Pressure Gauge 1/4" Male Pipe Thread. Click here for more details.



IRR-DG100CAP - Female Hose Thread Pressure Gauge (C2E7)

Drip Irrigation 3/4" Hose thread Pressure Gauge.



NPT GAUGE - 3/4" Female Pipe Thread Pressure Gauge

Click Here for more information

Drip Irrigation 3/4" PIPE THREAD Pressure Gauge (3/4" FPT)



DawnKnife - Dawn Utility Knife (G2C7)

Dawn Utility Knife. Excels in light duty cutting and trimming. 8 snap off segments per replaceable blade. Always have a fresh sharp blade.



DBH15 - Dawn Dead Blow Hammer (G1C1)

Dawn Dead Blow Hammer - 1.5 lbs.

Powerful Strike Force, Anti-Marring, Zero Bounce Back



GS09F - Dawn KwikCut Saw (G1C2)

9" Heavy Duty PVC Saw

Fine Tooth Blade



IRR FLAG - Irrigation Flag - Blue

Irrigation Flag - Blue 



Quantity Price
100+ Items $CAD0.50

Minimum Order: 25 Items

TL-WSC1022 Irrigation Wire Stripper & Cutter 10 to 22 Gauge - Compact Design (J2B1)

Tough steel construction, Built-in wire cutter and wire looping holes. Plier nose for extra gripping strength. Laser-etched wire gauge markings with Spring-loaded automatic opening. Black oxide finish.



CT108 SH - Dawn Short Handle Professional Crimping Tool (G2C5)

Dawn Indsutries is a leader supplier of innovative and high quality products for the Irrigation Supply Industry.  Total Length of Tool 9".

CT108 SH


CT112 SH - Dawn 12" Long Handle Professional Crimping Tool (G2C6)

Dawn Indsutries is a leader supplier of innovative and high quality products for the Irrigation Supply Industry.  Total Length of Tool 12".



TEFL-PINK-Contractor Grade Pink Teflon Tape (I3C6)

Contractor Grade Pink Teflon Tape - Pink Teflon Tape is superior in warm conditions and requires less material for each fitting application.  It's worth it!



TEFL-STD-Standard Grade 1/2" Teflon Tape (I3C5)

Standard Grade Teflon Tape. 1/2"



Standard Roll Electrical Tape (I2F7)


Contractor Grade Electrical Tape



I-TOOL The Ultimate Irrigation Multi-Tool

The I-Tool is compatible with all major sprinkler brands and gives you a one stop shop for adjustments, and maintenance. Every tool comes with a convenient carrying case for easy access.



Sprinkler Conversion Kit

Converts 1/2" Pop-Up Spray Heads and 3/4" Rotors into Drip Irrigation.

Sprinkler Conversion Kit