Propagation Controllers

Propagation Controllers

Propagation Controllers

Program your watering times for second increments with a Propagation Controller.  Perfect for watering precsion, misting, and Greenhouse applications.


DIG 710AP-100 - DIG 710AP-100 Irrigation Controller With Propagation

The DIG 710AP-100 is a stand alone DC Controller that comes complete with a 1" Solenoid Valve. Along with traditional Irrigation Controller functions the controller has Propagation Settings for watering increments in seconds instead of minutes. This is an ideal Irrigation Controller for Greenhouses and remote watering applications. 3 Year Warranty.

DIG 710AP-100


GC-8000 - Galcon 8000 Indoor Propagation Controller


Controller operates 4 or 6 valves.

Each valve separately programmable.

Seconds-based irrigation - S8000 model

  • Intensive irrigation with multiple cycles per day (S8000 model)
  • Seconds-based irrigation and in minute intervals (S8000 model)
  • Control for situations requiring a large number of activations per day (S8000 model)
  • Smart phone control (8000BT)
  • 24V electrically powered
  • Suitable for a broad range of valves and solenoids
  • Suitable for misting in greenhouses
  • Suitable for cooling poultry coops and cow sheds
  • Connection to a Normally Closed (NC) rain sensor

GC-8000 Indoor