DIG 710AP-100 - DIG 710AP-100 Irrigation Controller With Propagation

DIG 710AP-100 - DIG 710AP-100 Irrigation Controller With Propagation


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The DIG 710AP-100 is a stand alone DC Controller that comes complete with a 1" Solenoid Valve. Along with traditional Irrigation Controller functions the controller has Propagation Settings for watering increments in seconds instead of minutes. This is an ideal Irrigation Controller for Greenhouses and remote watering applications.

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  • Powered by two AA alkaline batteries with a safe period of 60 seconds to replace without losing power.

  • Watering flexibility with a selection of watering frequencies including weekly, odd, even, or cyclical between 1 and 30 days, 1 to 12 hours or 1 to 59 minutes.

  • Duration can be set in seconds, minutes or hours.

  • Interval watering in which a cycle is continuously repeated for a desired period every set interval between a start and stop time. Cycles can be repeated daily or be left running indefinitely.

  • Low battery indicator

  • Display indicates if irrigation is set to water for the day and if any of the additional programming features are active

  • Seven buttons with integrated high resolution screen.

  • Simple, icon based intuitive programming and EasyFlow™ navigation.

  • After fifteen minutes the controller screen turns off automatically to conserve energy.

  • Semi-automatic and manual operation with timed countdown for shutoff.

  • System On/Off button allows the user to turn off the controller’s programming and reactivate it as desired as well as to quickly activate or deactivate a propagation program outside of its set start and stop times when used in propagation mode.

  • Propagation mode features error catching so that programming mistakes cannot be entered and will automatically update to an allowable entry (run time greater than interval or interval less than run time).

  • Retractable coiled cord to the solenoid.

  • Brackets for solenoid and wall mounting options are included.

  • Utilizes RoHS compliant components.

  • Reset option allows erasing of all programs to default settings except date and time.

  • Non-volatile memory holds programs indefinitely without batteries except date and time.

  • Completely waterproof (IP68).

  • Rain sensor connection included.

  • Can be mounted on a range of solenoid valves.

  • Captured solenoid plunger and spring for easy maintenance.

  • Easily retrofits to most manufacturers’ valves with one of DIG’s seven adapters.

  • Three year warranty.

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