Drip Tape Irrigation

Drip Tape Irrigation

Drip Tape Irrigation

Irrigation Direct Canada supplies Irrigation Drip tape with 8mil and 15mil tubing thickness. Both 8mil & 15mil thickness drip tape irrigation tubing are designed for both surface and subsurface drip irrigation systems.

Drip Irrigation using a Drip tape irrigation system is perfect for row crops and organic vegetable gardens.  It is also the most economical method of watering these types of crops.

Because drip tape is a thin walled tubing, this drip tape irrigation system is designed to operate at a much lower pressure and requires proper filtration. Drip tape irrigation fittings are used exclusively with drip tape and are designed to give you various connection options.

For information with installing Drip Tape, please read our Instruction Manual For Drip Irrigation Using Drip Tape .

Recommended Operating Pressures: 

8 mil Drip Tape: 8-10 PSI

15 mil Drip Tape: 8-25PSI