Hose End Timers For Cannabis Irrigation Systems

Hose End Timers For Cannabis Irrigation Systems

Hose End Timers For Cannabis Irrigation Systems
Hose end timers can be used for small to medium sized Cannabis Watering Systems where flow rate requirements are under 200 gallons per hour. Hose End Timers provide a simple and inexpensive solution for automating your system.


MEL16043-RSC - Melnor 16043 WIFI Aqua Timer - Smart Water Timer

NEW! Program your watering schedule from your smart phone, tablet or computer, watering up to 4 zones from one faucet.  Can be programmed for specific weekdays, odd or even days of the month.  Up to six start times a day.  See product video in product detail page.  

Please note, hose end water timers are not recommended for inground sprinkler systems with water requirements greater than 4 gallons per minute.

Ships free of charge anywhere in Canada.



DIG EVO100 - Solar Powered Digital Hose End Water Timer

The EVO 100I is a Hose End Tap Timer with a ¾” female thread inlet and male thread outlet. Power is derived via a patented, time-tested, internal photovoltaic module and microelectronic energy management system that is fueled by the surrounding ambient light (solar). After being charged, this efficient energy system provides enough power for the timer to function at any time, night or day, and in any weather with no direct sunlight required. This energy system also makes the EVO 100 environmentally friendly, functioning only on clean, renewable solar power without the need for a backup battery or AC power.



3100 Melnor 2 Zone Water Timer

NEW! 2 Zones can be independently programmed for different areas of the garden.  If you have a Drip or Micro Irrigation System that is split into two areas or have areas that require variable amounts of water this timer is the solution.  Easy to program with a large LCD display.  7 Year Warranty.

3100 Melnor


3300 Melnor Wireless Moisture Sensor

NEW! Stop watering your lawn or garden when Mother Nature is already doing the job. The AquaSentry™, in conjunction with select Melnor quaTimers™, tests soil before watering assuring healthier plants and beautiful lawns, while conserving precious resources. Works with current model AquaTimers 3015, 3060, 3100, and 3280.

3300 Melnor