EZ-FLO Hose End Fertilizer Units

EZ-FLO Hose End Fertilizer Units

EZ-FLO Hose End Fertilizer Units

Using a Hose End Fertilizer Systems from EZ-FLOW is an easy way to deliver liquid fertilizer to gardens and landscapes through Drip and Micro Irrigation Systems.  Irrigation Direct Canada supplies the complete line of EZ-FLO Hose End Fertilizer products for connecting to any Hose Originating Watering System.

One Step Application Saves Time

  • Fertilize the lawn, flowers, trees and vegetable garden all at one time, in one easy step. You no longer need to use multiple applicators for each area which saves you time and money.
  • Multiple products can be combined and applied all at one time.

It’s Easy to Use

  • Just fill the tank with fully concentrated products - no mixing required.
  • Set the feed rate - Slow for constant feeding in small amounts every time you water or Fast to manually feed in minutes.
  • Apply through a hose end sprinkler or drip system or apply manually through a hose end sprayer.

The EZ-FLO Advantage

  • Patented technology - EZ-FLO is the only feeder that can accurately meter water soluble fertilizers so all plants get fed consistently and evenly. Other feeders continually dilute the fertilizer creating uneven feeding.
  • Better results - everything you grow will be healthier and more disease and insect resistant.
  • High capacity - feed the entire landscape without refilling. Other applicators can require refilling ten times more often.
  • No more heavy bags - use 80% to 90% less fertilizer with EZ-FLO due to more efficient nutrient absorption.
  • More product choices - EZ-FLO can apply any liquid or water soluble product as well as organic products without plugging or clogging.


Fertigation can be applied with Drip Irrigation Techniques and works well with all Drippers and Emitters commonly used with Drip and Micro Irrigation Systems. Make Watering Easy with Fertigation.


EZFLO-2020-HB 2 Gallon Hose Bib & Drip System Connection EZ-FLO Fertilizer Injector - For On/Off Pressure Only

EZ-FLO Hose and Drip systems can be installed in minutes by the average homeowner and are great for use when you don't have a dedicated irrigation system or want to separately address certain types of plants that require specialty garden fertilizers and supplements.


If you are using the unit downstream of a timer or zone valve there is no need for a vacuum breaker, however if you do not have a timer or zone valve on the system then you should add a DD-HVB upstream from the EZ-FLO Unit.