Indoor Growing Lights

Indoor Growing Lights


HGC906098 - Gavita Pro E-Series 1000e DE 277 - 347 Volt w/HR96 Reflector

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The E-series Pro 1000e DE is the newest flagship model, now available in 277-347 volt. The E-series Pro 1000e DE Gavita comes with a Gavita Pro Plus 2,100 µmol, 1000 watt DE lamp. You can control up to 80 fixtures with a Gavita Master controller without the need for timers and contactors. All E-series fixtures are plug and play installable and come with the control cords to daisy chain them to the controller. Comes with 3 ft 3 in power cord that is not attached and has an open wire end. Eye bolts and nuts included for hanging. Operates at 277-347 volt. This professional fixture requires installation by a certified electrician in an industrial environment. 1 year warranty on the lamp.

Gavita 906098


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