Drip Irrigation Design Guide-Water Source Connection Items, aka Head Assembly

Drip Irrigation Design Guide-Water Source Connection Items, aka Head Assembly

General Overview

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   Water Source Connection Items, Aka Head Assembly

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Water Source Connection Items, aka Head Assembly

Timers: aka Hose Timer, Irrigation Timer, Water Timer, Controller, Clock. Timers are used to automate the watering of a drip irrigation system or sprinkler system.

Hose End Timer, Irrigation Controller

Vacuum Breakers: aka Backflow Preventers: Prevents water from flowing back from your drip irrigation system into your household water. This prevents contamination of your water supply. Most municipalities require backflow prevention devices at the beginning of most irrigation systems.

Sprinkler irrigation Valves: A manual or electric irrigation device used to control the flow of water. It is used in conjunction with an Irrigation Controller.

Fertilizer Injector: Fertilizer injectors are installed on the drip systems mainline to deliver liquid fertilizers and nutrients. Dilution rate is adjustable, so you can feed your drip system as required.

- Injection Couplers

Ball Valves: aka Shut off valves: Hose thread ball valves are used to shut off individual water lines or to split an existing water source to make two separate connections. Connect to 3/4" hose bibb, faucet, spigot, or garden hose end.

- PVC Ball Valves

Filters: aka Hose Filters, Drip Filters: Filters are installed between the hose vacuum breaker and the drip regulator and protects drip emitters, soaker hose dripline, sprayers and bubblers from rust, sand and other impurities that may clog them. Filters have removable screens for easy cleaning.

Y Filter, T Filter

Pressure Regulators: aka Pressure Reducers: A pressure regulator reduces household water pressure to a lower set pressure for use with a drip system. Always install a regulator after the filter.

Swivel Adapters: aka Tubing Adapters: Use to attach 1/2" or 1/4" mainline drip tubing to a water source connection assembly, hose bibb, spigot, faucet or the end of a garden hose. The swivel end screws onto male hose threads. Drip tubing inserts into the compression, direct-loc or barbed end.

- Perma-Loc Fittings, Compression Fittings 

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