Drip Irrigation Design Guide-Designing & Planning Your System

Drip Irrigation Design Guide-Designing & Planning Your System

Designing & Planning Your System

   Content Covered in this Section:   

   Planning Your Layout

   Grouping Plant Types

   Determining Your Water Source Flow Rate & Pressure

   Water Connection Options

   Calculating Total Flow & Creating Watering Zones

   Watering Schedules

   Design FAQs



Planning Your Layout

Before you begin your drip irrigation system, it’s best to start by making a sketch of the areas that you want to water. Be sure to include and label all your plant types, including shrubs, trees, ground cover, flower beds, vegetable gardens and containers. Identify all the site watering sources, what type they are, and any existing connections. Add any buildings, walkways, retaining walls or obstacles that you may need to work around.

Draw out each run of drip mainline tubing and any laterals that will be needed to supply water to each planting area. For plants that are away from the mainline, draw out runs of 1/4" micro tubing to cover each plant. Working from a good plan will help aid you when making a materials list and is essential in designing an efficient drip irrigation system.

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