Drip Irrigation Design Guide-Water Connection Options

Drip Irrigation Design Guide-Water Connection Options

Designing & Planning Your System

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   Planning Your Layout

   Grouping Plant Types

   Determining Your Water Source Flow Rate & Pressure

   Water Connection Options

   Calculating Total Flow & Creating Watering Zones

   Watering Schedules

   Design FAQs



Water Connection Options

In general, most of the water source connections in drip irrigation fall into two main categories; Hose Bibb and Irrigation Valves. While irrigation valves are more specific, hose bibbs tend to cover a much wider range of connections.

Known as a spigot, faucet or hydrant, hose bibbs offer the most convenient water source connection available for your drip system. Standard hose bibb connections come with 3/4" male hose threads and use hose washers to make water tight seals. If your water source connection has pipe threads, Irrigation Direct sells adapter fittings to convert either 1/2" or 3/4" male and female pipe threads to 3/4" male hose threads.

For larger drip systems with multiple zones, irrigation valves and controllers are typical. This usually involves more work in setting up and installing. Valves typically use pipe threads for connections and require Teflon tape to make water tight seals. It also may require you to cut into your existing household water main to supply the valves. If you are unsure about how or where to install irrigation valves, it may be best to contact an irrigation professional to help with installation.

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