Contractor Incentive Program

Contractor Incentive Program


Irrigation Direct Canada is pleased to announce the launch of our Contractor and Trade purchasing program .  This program not only  applies instant discounts to your on-line order but will also award you with bonus points to be redeemed on future orders.   This program is available to our returning customers who are operating in the Green Industry. All you need to is give us a call at 905-465-9950, or email us at and we will do the rest.  There is no qualification process to be a preferred customer, however you must have your operations based in Canada!

As an added Bonus, Preferred Members also Receive a Free Listing In Our Contractor Referral Program!  Our Site Receives thousands of visitors every week and many customers seek installation services.   As a preferred customer your company is eligible to be listed in our Contractor Referral Data-Base!

Here's How It Can Work For You!

For each order placed the following discounts are immeidately taken off your invoice upon checkout:
For Orders Over          Discount
$1,000                           5%
$3,000                           8%
$5,000                           10%
In addition to our discount program you will also earn bonus points towards future purchases equal to 3% of your past purchases.  These points are awarded immidiately and can be used on your very next purchase! 
Total purchases are calculated on the net order amount before taxes.  Points are availabe for use for one calender year.
Example Of Points Rebate System:  
Customer has made 5 purchases of $5,000
Each order would be eligable for a discount of 10% at the time the order is placed.
Invoice Amount Would Be: $4,500 before taxes.
The total orders for the year would be $22,500 ( 5 x $4,500 )
Customer would have 675 ( $22,500 x 3% ) bonus point with a value of $675.  This amount can then be redeemed online for future puchases.  

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