Crop and Project Specific Drip Irrigation Tutorials

Crop and Project Specific Drip Irrigation Tutorials

Crop and Project Applications Using Drip Irrigation

In this Tutorial section we have created how to illustrations and instructions for various crop applications based on customer demand.  In these tutorials we have done our best to provide detailed instruction on parts required and installation procedures based on actual successful installations from our customers.  In the near future we will also be providing links to actual orders placed to give you instant pricing on general plans and installations.

Using these tutorials should give you a sound understanding of components required for your Drip Irrigation System.  However, although we have chosen to provide illustrations of Drip Irrigation component combinations we have found successful there are always variations that can be employed with successful results.

Specialty Crop Drip Irrigation Systems

Listed below are an assortment of crops commonly grown with Drip Irrigation.  

HOPS - A comlete guide for Hop Irrigation with sample component layouts and detailed illustrations of Drip System components.
PUMPKINS - Illustrations of successful Pumpkin Irrigation Systems (The Ontario Record was Set with a System from Irrigation Direct Canada)
VINEYARD - Our Vineyard Irrigation tutorial illustrates common and successful component layouts for small to medium sized operations.
STRAWBERRY - Our Strawberry Irrigation guide will provide you with the basics for a successful drip system to increase crop yield season after season.



Sub-Surface Drip Irrigation Systems For Lawns and Turf

Yes, that's right,  Drip Irrigation Lines can be installed under turf and sod with great results and benefits.  

Sub-Surface Drip Irrigation - A comlete guide to installing a sub-surface Drip Irrigation System for Lawns and Turf.


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