DIY Installation For Sprinkler Components Mid-Lateral

DIY Installation For Sprinkler Components Mid-Lateral

Connecting To A Mid-Way Point In A Lateral Line Using Tee Fittings

Installing an Irrigation Rotor or Spray body along a lateral line can be done in a variety of ways.  However the process almost always involves the use of a Tee Fitting, a transitional fitting such as a Schedule 80 Nipple fitting or Swing Joint Assembly and your choice of Rotor or Spray Body. 

Using Saddle Tee’s 

Install your Irrigation System like the professional contractors do using Saddle Tee’s to install both Rotors and Spray Bodies for Irrigation Systems.  Saddles Tee’s significantly reduce flow restriction (up to 41% less restrictive than common insert fittings) and can be installed 6 times faster than traditional fittings.  No tools are required and no cutting of your tubing is required to install a Saddle Tee!  Once a saddle Tee is installed you are left with a 1/2” or 3/4” FPT fitting to install your Rotor or Spray Body.

Shown below are two illustrations using Saddle Tee fittings. The illustration on the left show the Dawn KwikTap Saddle fitting used with a Swing Joint, while the Blu-Lock fitting on the right is shown using a simple Schedule 80 Nipple fitting.  We will discuss the installation of these transition fittings later in this tutorial.

KwikTap Saddles From Dawn Industries

Shown With Spray Head on 6" Swing Joint Assembly

Shown with Rotor on 6" Swing Joint Assembly 

Product Options and Links

Dawn KwikTap Saddle Tee’s are sold together as one unit.  Each unit comes with one Saddle and one Insertion Fitting.

For 3/4” Tubing

· KT007C - 3/4” x 1/2” FPT

· KT007D - 3/4” x 3/4” FPT

For 1” Tubing

· KT010C - 1” x 1/2” FPT

· KT010D - 1” x 3/4” FPT





















Using Insert and Blu-Lock Connection Fittings

When using Insert Fittings you will need to use gear or crimp clamps for each side of the insert fitting.  Blu-Lock Tee’s are installed using the Blu-Lock direct lock connections and require no clamps.  This method will be slightly less expensive than using Saddle Tee’s but will require a bit more effort upon installation. 

Conventional Tubing (Insert Fittings)


Shown With 6" Swing Joint Assembly

Product Options and Links

For 3/4” Tubing

· 1402-101 - ¾” x ¾” x ½” FPT

· 1402-007 - ¾” x ¾” x ¾” FPT                            

For 1” Tubing

· 1402-130 - 1” x 1” x ½” FPT

· 1402-131 - 1” x 1” x ¾” FPT                              

Product Options and Links

Blu-Lock Tees and swing joints are sold separately in combinations to achieve the proper fitting

For 3/4” Tubing

For 1" Tubing






















As noted above, Blu-Lock BL x BL x FPT Tee fittings are only available with 1/2" FPT Fittings.  Using 1/2" FPT outlet fittings is fine for both 1/2" Spray Bodies and 3/4" inlet Rotors, however for the latter a 1/2" x 3/4" Swing Assembly is required.  

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