Drip Irrigation For Marijuana

Drip Irrigation For Marijuana

Although there are several watering techniques for Marijuana that can lead to a successful Cannabis crop, Drip Irrigation has arrived as the most beneficial watering method for both novice and professional growers.  

Why Use Drip Irrigation For Cannabis?

When setting up a Marijuana grow room (indoors or out), there are several factors to consider such as cost, space, and expertise needed for a successful Cannabis crop.  How you decide to irrigate your system and deliver the necessary nutrients can lead to success or failure of your system.  Drip or Micro Irrigation has proved to be the most effecient, effective, and versatile of all watering methods for Cannabis.  Here are just a few of the advantages of using Drip Irrigation;

  • Precision Watering - Most Cannabis growers demand precision and consistency when deliverying water and nutrients to each Marijuana plant.  Drip Irrigation systems use pressure compensating emitters to ensure consistent flow to each plant regardless of where the plant is located within the system.  Pressure Compensating emitters are available in a variety of flow rates for various applications and can be easily swapped out once your system is set up. 
  • Simple Assembly and Start Up - Lets face it, in the present day we are flooded with information on almost anything, including irrigation methods for Marijuana.  Drip Irrigation eliminates much of the confusion and can usually be set up in an easy afternoon.  All Drip Systems employ the same general principal of using a main distribution line (header), and branching of to either groups of plants or individual plants depending on your configuration.  
  • Versatility and Expansion - All Drip Irrigation Systems can be easily expanded for additional Cannabis production.  This is usually as simply as cutting a line and extending it with a common coupling.  Water supply is the only concern encountered when planning a system expansion.
  • Operation Cost - Drip Irrigation Sytems can be set up on a tight budget and can be as simple as a main distribution line with emitters poked into it.  
  • Reduction in Water and Nutrient Cost - In addition to the initial start up costs, there are considerable savings to be had in reducing water and nutrient costs.  Drip Systems are intended to provide what is needed for a Marijuana plant to grow with little to no waste.  With Water and Nutrient costs on the rise these costs can be significant for any Cannabis operation.

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