Hop Irrigation Drip Line Assembly Using Drip Emitter Tubing

Hop Irrigation Drip Line Assembly Using Drip Emitter Tubing

Hop Yard Irrigation

Components Layout For Hop Yard Drip Irrigation Cont'd

We will now look at the components commonly used to connect Drip lines to zone manifolds for a Hop Yard Irrigation system using Drip Emitter Tubing.

 3  Connecting Drip Irrigation Lines For Each Zone Using Drip Emitter Tubing

Assembling Drip Lines using Drip Emitter Tubing is virtually the same as the part combinations when using drip emitters, except no emitters are punched into the drip lines.  When installing Drip Emitter tubing the type of emitter tubing you use is an important decision to make, and is usually determined by taking into account the quality of water you are using for the Hop Yard.  For non-municipal water sources the most popular drip line is Uniram from Netafim, while if you are using a municipal and relatively clean source you can use Techline or Techline EZ from Netafim.  When purchasing/installing drip line you will need to order the appropriate spacing of emitter and line the emitters up to the watering area.   You must also take note of the maximum run length for the drip line you are considering. Maixmum Run Length Charts

KT007D Dawn Quick Tap Saddle or Blu-Lock Saddle and Tap combination.  As noted above alternative fittings can be substituted for these products.
883-020 - 3/4" x 2" PVC Nipple Fitting (I3D2) 207-020 Nipple fitting to connect T fitting to flow control valve.  If no flow control is desired for individual drip lines this part can be omitted.  Various lengths are available in the Nipple Fitting category.
0921-07 - 3/4" FIPT PVC Ball Valve (I2A2) 0921-07 Flow Control for individual drip line is recommended to shut off harvested lines.  
TL075MA 3/4" Male Pipe Thread fitting x 17mm Insert Fitting
TLELL 17mm Elbow
DD-RC700 - Drip Line 1/2" Support Hook (B1F7) DD-RC700 Ratchet Clip for attaching drip line to Trellis Wire.  Not needed for drip lines laying on ground.
TLSOV Flow Control for end of each drip line also acts as an end of line cap. 

Drip Line Assembly With No Trellis Line

When connecting drip lines with no Trellis Line, the combination of components can be identical to those employed when installing lines with a Trellis.  The only component that isn't necessary is the Elbow fitting.  In addition to this the RC700 Ratchet Clip is replaced with a TLS6 Hold down stake to hold the tubing in place.

 4  Drainage Flow Control

A flow control valve is often installed at the end of both main and sub-main lines to accommodate easy drainage and also enable simple continuation fo the system if future expansion is a possibility.

Automation of a Hop Yard Irrigation System

As previously mentioned the system layouts we have reviewed can be easily automated with either valve and controller combinations or stand alone zone controls for each zone.  That being said we often recommend manual flow control in addition to automation in case of electrical or solenoid failure.  

Notes Regarding This Tutorial

This tutorial is meant as a general guideline fo Hop Irrigation and is largely based on customer orders we have processed for successful installations.  

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