Hop Irrigation Parts Illustration Page 2

Hop Irrigation Parts Illustration Page 2

Hop Yard Irrigation

Components Layout For Hop Yard Drip Irrigation Cont'd

We will now look at the components commonly used to connect a main distribution line to your drip zone. 

 2  Connecting to Drip Zones

In our example we are using a 1" main distribution line and will now branch off to the 3 drip zones in our plan.  We have indicated that we will use 3/4" sub-main line for our drip zones but you could also use 1" if desired.  Each drip zone should have the following components; a shut off for the zone, a filter, and a pressure regulator.  When creating a zone there are a few ways of connecting the Main Distribution line to the Drip Zone.  We usually recommend using a saddle to create the "T".  Saddles eliminate the need to cut tubing and also are make installation of the system a much easier process.  The table below illustrates the drip zone connections for both standard poly and Blu Lock fittings.

Poly Tubing Blu Lock

Parts Listing

Poly Blu Lock  

02917 &


Saddle Tee's save time and effort when installing any irrigation system.  Dawn products come with both saddle and tap while Blu-Lock saddles and taps are sold separately.
207-013 207-013 3/4" Nipple Fitting for connecting the female threaded flow control valve or solenoid.
0921-07 0921-07 Flow control is recommended throughout the Drip Irrigation System. This is where a solenoid valve would be installed if you are automating your Hop Yard.
DF075-140 DF075-140 Disk Filters are recommended for every zone as well as at your water source.
DD-NET45PR DD-NET45PR Pressure Regulator to ensure pressure is within range for Drip Irrigation components.
1435-007 37379 Female Adaptor to connect back to zone distribution lines. 

NDS 115TBC As this portion of your system can be underground you will need a valve box to locate and protect the drip zone components.  

Automating Drip Zones for Hop Yards

As mentioned above the flow control vavle can be replaced with a solenoid valve if automating the drip system.  This can be done one of two ways.  You can have a central controller with Irrigation Wire going to each solenoid or install a self-contained solenoid controller.

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