Hop Irrigation Parts Illustration

Hop Irrigation Parts Illustration

Hop Yard Irrigation

Components Layout For Hop Yard Drip Irrigation

Now that we've determined the layout of our Hop Yard we can now start to put together the components needed for a successful Drip Irrigation System.  As previously mentioned there are several options to consider when developing your system so we will illustrate a few of the most popular designs installed by our customers.

As a recap our sample system has the following characteristics:

  • 400 gph of water available at 60 psi
  • 15 Rows of 250 ft each
  • Hops at every 3 feet (1,250 hops / approx. 83 hops per row)
  • 1/2 GPH Drip Emitters will be used
  • We have determined that 3 zones of 5 rows each will be optimal for the system.

We have illustrated the sample layout below and will now examine a typical component layout using both self piercing drip emitters and drip line.

 1  Water Source Connection

Our sample Drip Irrigation system is using a 1" Distribution Line from the water source.  We likely could have used a 3/4" line but its often advisable to oversize your main distribution lines to avoid excessive pressure loss and to leave excess capacity for the possibility of future expansion.  Even if your water source is coming from a 3/4" hose bib you step up the connection to accommodate the larger tubing size.  Below is a typical parts configuration from a 3/4" hose bib to a 1" Polyethylene distribution line.

439-131 For this example we are connecting to a 3/4" male hose bib.  This fitting then increases the thread size to 1".  If your thread size is different a combination of parts can always be found in our Sprinkler Fittings category.
      61793P    1" Check Valve.  A check valve is necessary for any drip irrigation system using a residential water source to avoid back flow into the drinking water system.  If your system is using a water source specifically for the irrigation system a check valve is likely not necessary.
DF100-140         Filteration is critical for successful operation of any drip irrigation system.  Even though we also inclduded filter for every drip zone it is often advisable to have additional filteration at the water source.  
1435-010 Female adaptor for connecting to poly distribution line.  Clamps are required when using insert fittings.
BL436-010 Blu-Lock Irrigation Fitting.  1" x 1" MIPT (H1C6) 37678 If using Blu-Lock For your distribution lines you will also need a 1" threaded coupling (430-010).

We will now move on to the components for drip zones and drip line connections.

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