How To Connect Irrigation Valves To Water Supply

How To Connect Irrigation Valves To Water Supply

How To Connect Irrigation Valves To A Water Supply Using a Manifold Assembly

This tutorial demonstrates the installation of Irrigation Valves to a Water Supply using a pre-assembled Manifold and connection fittings.  We will illustrate this assembly using both standard Poly Irrigation tubing and Blu-Lock fittings.  

Although we are demonstrating this Valve Assembly using Pre-Sssembled Sprinkler Manifolds, a sprinkler system Manifold can be created using various combinations of Instert Fittings or Schedule 40 PVC Fittings.  We have chosen to illustrate this how-to Tutorial using Pre-Assembled Manifolds for their easy to use characteristics.

The illustrations below demonstrate the assembly of a 3 Valve Manifold.  Pre-assembled manifolds can be expanded for additional valves with the use of a Swivel Coupling to adjoin 2 or more manifolds.

Illustration 1 - How To Assemble An Sprinkler Irrigation Vavle Manifold for common Poly Tubing:

1. Male Adaptor Fitting.  This is your connection fitting from the Water Supply Assembly to Valve Manifold Assembly.  If using a 1" Poly Pipe, a 1436-010 Adaptor Fitting is used.  If using a 3/4" Poly Tubing, a 1436-131 Male Reducing Adaptor is used.  

2. 03107 - 1" Manifold FPT Swivel Adaptor - This connection fitting is used to connect the Male Adaptor to the Manifold Body.

3. Manifold Body - Irrigation Direct Canada supplies Pre-Assembled Manifolds for both 2 and 3 zones. As mentioned above these manifolds can be combined to make larger manifolds if desired.

4. 03102 - Manifold Cap - The Manifold Cap is used to Cap the end of the Manifold.  The Cap can also be used to Cap off unused Manifold Ports.  

5. 03105 - 1" Manifold MPT Swivel Adaptor - This Swivel Adaptor is used to exit the Manifold and connect to your Irrigation Valves.  It is easiest to connect to a 1" FPT (Female Pipe Thread) Valve regardless if you are using a 1" Poly Pipe or 3/4" Poly Pipe.  

6. Sprinkler Irrigation Valves - As mentioned above it is most common to use a 1" Irrigation Valve but a 3/4" Valve can also be used with adaptor fittings.  

7. Male Adaptor Fitting.  As with the Start of the Valve Manifold Assembly, these fittings are commonly used to exit the Valve and continue to your Sprinkler System.  If using a 1" Poly Pipe, a 1436-010 Adaptor Fitting is used.  If using a 3/4" Poly Tubing, a 1436-131 Male Reducing Adaptor is used.  

Illustration 2 - How To Assemble An Sprinkler Irrigation Vavle Manifold Blu-Lock Systems:

8. 37678 1" BLR x 1" MPT Blu-Lock Adaptor - When using a 1" Blu-Lock Tubing this Male Adaptor Fitting is used to attach the Irrigation Valve Manifold Assembly to the Water Source Assembly and to exit the valves to the Sprinkler Distribution Lines.  When Using a 3/4" Blu Lock Tubing, a 37383 1" MPT x 3/4" Blu-Lock reducing fitting can be used.



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