How To Water Individual Plantscapes

How To Water Individual Plantscapes

The illustrative tutorial shows how to set up a Drip Irrigation System for Individual Plantscapes. Although every installation of Drip Irrigation is different, this illustration gives you the basic components to set up a system and is based on our Drip Irrigation Kits for Individual Plantscapes. This illustration does not show the necessary parts for connecting to your water source. For Water Source Connections Click Here.

Please note: Product photos are not to scale to best illustrate connections for the system.

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Watering Individual Plants With Drip Irrigation (See Individual Plant Kits)

Step By Step:

1. Water Source Connection: If you are starting the drip system from scratch, your Water Source Connection is your starting point. If you are continuing from an existing Drip Irrigation System, you can use a variety of connections using either Compression Fittings or Direct Lock Fittings.

2. Layout Distribution Tubing: The next step is to layout your distribution tubing throughout the shrub bed or tree line.  Either 1/2” or 3/4” Solid drip tubing can be used. The distribution line can then be secured into position using a variety of Stakes and Hold Downs. Cap off the end of the distribution line using an end cap such as the DL-EC600 for 1/2 Tubing or A1-H8CAP for 3/4” Tubing or continue to the next watering area.

3. Using a 1/4” Hole Punch, punch a hole in the distribution line with the hole facing upwards.  This hole should be at a point near to the intended plant to water. Insert your chosen emitter (shown with a TAE flag emitter) into the Distribution Line.  Attach a piece of 1/4” Solid Drip Tubing to the Emitter and cut it with enough tubing to reach the centre of the Shrub or Tree. 

4. Secure the Micro Tubing close to the plant roots using a DD-S2 Micro Stake.



· Always remember to purchase extra parts for expansion and errors.  Most components are very inexpensive and this will save you another trip to the store.

· Consider Flow Control:  Flow control allows you to dictate the flow rate for both distribution lines and individual Emitters and Driplines.  This allows more precise watering outputs where needed.


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