Sprinkler System Basics For DIY Installations

Sprinkler System Basics For DIY Installations

Our Sprinkler System tutorial will provide you with the basics of Sprinkler Irrigation installation and will assist you in selecting the correct products. There are several ways to assemble and install an irrigation sytem but we have chosen the two most user friendly and commonly used systems for our Canadian climate. The two systems are "Poly Tubing with Insert Fittings" and the user friendly "Blu-Lock System". Both of these installation methods use common parts for many aspects and have virtually identical installation procedures. They differ only in the way in which the sprinkler components are connected but both are reliable and commonly used in the sprinkler installation industry.

Sprinkler Irrigation 1-2-3 Tutorial 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and General Topics:

Installing A Sprinkler Rotor Or Spray BodyA comprehensive "How To" guide for installing Sprinkler Rotors and Spray Bodies for your Irrigation System using both Blu-Lock and conventional Sprinkler Fittings. The following areas are illustrated in detail:

Connecting Household Water Supply To Your Irrigation SystemAlthough we recommend having a professional plumb your Irrigation System to your Household Water Supply, this brief Tutorial shows a typical combination of fittings for connecting your initial Water Supply.

Using a Pre-Assembled Manifold for Connecting Sprinkler Valves - This "How To" illustration demonstrates the parts required to assemble Valve Manifolds from your Water Source Connection to your Sprinkler Distribution Lines for Both Blu-Lock and Traditional Poly Tubing Systems.

How To Wire Sprinkler Irrigation Valves - Illustration of how to wire Sprinkler Irrigation Solenoid Valves.  See how to wire both single valves used in succession and valves assembled in a manifold. 

Sub-Surface Drip Irrigation For Lawns and Turf - Consider the alternative of sub-surface dirp irrigation for your lawn and new sod projects.  Our complete tutorial will guide you through the simple process of installing one of the most economic and efficient ways to water this summer.

How to Winterize the System Winterizing the system is the vital process of removing the water from the pipes during the winter to prevent them from freezing and cracking.

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