Sub Surface Drip Irrigation - Drainage Valve

Sub Surface Drip Irrigation - Drainage Valve

Component Assembly For Sub Surface Drip Irrigation Systems

Continuing with our Drip Zone Assembly we will now look at the components required for the Drainage Valve.

  • Water Source Connectione
  • Air Release Valve
  • Supply Header and Drip Line Connections
  • Exhaust Header
  • Zone Drainage

Zone Drainage Installation and Assembly

Sub Surface Drip Irrigation zones need to be drained for winterization and periodic flushing of the line to ensure worry free operation, depending on the quality of water being used and proper filtration.  

Location: Zone Drainage should be located at the lowest point of the Drip Zone and can be housed in a small valve box (optional).  The zone drain valve is to simply turn on manually and the most of the water will likely flow out naturally.  For winterization, depending on the size of the zone and system, nothing more than a shop vac will be needed to completely drain the lines.  If using a small valve box to house the zone drainage it is often recommended to put a small bedding of gravel at the base of the box for a tidy area and to avoid clogging with mud.

Zone Drainage Installation Component Options

It is relatively simple to install zone drainage, with the only variable being the size of tubing used to go from the exhaust header to the zone drain.  The drain line will either be a piece of tubing used for the Headers or a small piece of Drip Line.  We have illustrated a few option below.

Tubing Size Photo Connection
12mm Techline EZ T12SOV Connects Directly to 12mm Techline EZ
17mm Techline TLSOV Connect Directly to 17mm Techline 
1/2" 700 Series Tubing DL-FCV600 Direct Lock Fits directly to 700 series tubing
3/4" 940 Series Tubing A2-VHF88 Connect Directly to 940 series solid drip tubing.
3/4" and 1" Irrigation Poly 1436-007 (3/4") and 1436-010 (1") are combined with 0921-07 (3/4" FPT Ball Valve) or 0921-10 (1" FPT Ball Valve)
0921-05 - 1/2" FIPT PVC Ball Valve (I3B4)
6" Round Valve Box NDS -06R 6" Round Valve Box

This concludes our tutorial for sub surface turf irrigation using drip emitter tubing.  

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