Vineyard Irrigation Drip Zone Assembly Components

Vineyard Irrigation Drip Zone Assembly Components

Vineyard Irrigation

Drip Zone Component Assembly For Vineyard Irrigation System

We will now look at the components commonly used to connect a main distribution line to a drip zone for a Vineyard watering system. 

 2  Connecting to Drip Zones

In our example we are using a 1" main distribution line and will now branch off to the 3 drip zones in our plan.  We have indicated that we will use 3/4" sub-main line for our drip zones but you could also use 1" if desired.  Each drip zone should have the following components; a shut off for the zone, a filter, and a pressure regulator.  When creating a zone there are a few ways of connecting the Main Distribution line to the Drip Zone.  We usually recommend using a saddle to create the "T".  Saddles eliminate the need to cut tubing and also are make installation of the system a much easier process.  The table below illustrates the drip zone connections for both standard poly and Blu Lock fittings.

Poly Tubing Blu Lock

Parts Listing

Poly Blu Lock  

02917 &


Saddle Tee's save time and effort when installing any irrigation system.  Dawn products come with both saddle and tap while Blu-Lock saddles and taps are sold separately.
207-013 207-013 3/4" Nipple Fitting for connecting the female threaded flow control valve or solenoid.
0921-07 0921-07 Flow control is recommended throughout the Drip Irrigation System. This is where a solenoid valve would be installed if you are automating your Hop Yard.
DF075-140 DF075-140 Disk Filters are recommended for every zone as well as at your water source.
DD-NET45PR DD-NET45PR Pressure Regulator to ensure pressure is within range for Drip Irrigation components.
1435-007 37379 Female Adaptor to connect back to zone distribution lines. 

NDS 115TBC As this portion of your system can be underground you will need a valve box to locate and protect the drip zone components.  

Automating Drip Zones for Vineyards

As mentioned above the flow control vavle can be replaced with a solenoid valve if automating the drip system.  This can be done one of two ways.  You can have a central controller with Irrigation Wire going to each solenoid or install a self-contained solenoid controller.

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