Why Drip Irrigation?

Why Drip Irrigation?

About Micro/Drip Watering Systems (What Is Drip Irrigation?)

Micro Irrigation Systems deliver water directly to the root zone of plants using slow release emitters and sprayers. Historically these systems were used for agricultural purposes in dry climates where water may have been a scarce resource. These same circumstances have now propelled the popularity of micro irrigation in both urban and suburban settings. They are inexpensive to install and provide countless benefits to both professionals and homeowners alike.


  • Plant Health - Drip Irrigation promotes healthy root growth by watering close to the soil surface where plants need it most. Drip Systems also avoid problems such as sun damage and fungus often associated with consistently wet leaves.
  • Weed Control - Since Drip Systems water close to your desired plants the soil surrounding the area is often left dry leaving a poor growing environment for weeds. Weeds are also easy to pull as drip systems leave your soil loose.
  • Water Control - Drip Systems allow homeowners to control water flow to different parts of the garden as well as individual plants. A trickle for one and a soaking for another is as easy as turning on a tap through the simple use of adjustable valves.
  • Soil Health - Drip Irrigation avoids problems associated with compacting soil and leaves surrounding soil loose and arid. These conditions benefit worms and other organisms that help provide a healthy growing environment.
  • Consistent Watering - Drip Systems can easily be automated with the addition of a simple hose end timer to enable consistent and worry free watering.


In addition to the Benefits to Your Garden, here are a just a few key points that make a Micro/Drip system a smart choice for your watering needs:

EFFECTIVENESS: Micro systems offer the most effective use of water by watering at the root of plants. Traditional watering methods waste most of the water used due to run off and evaporation. Drip systems are a perfect solution for watering container gardens, hanging baskets, shrubs, and vegetable gardens, as well as small areas of lawn.

EVIRONMENTAL IMPACT: Water Conservation is a key component for issues relating to sustainability within our environment. Drip Irrigation systems play a key role in eliminating excess use of water for household garden watering.

ECONOMICS: With the price of water usage continually on the rise, Drip Systems provide cost saving to home owners by eliminating excess water usage. Drip Systems are also cost effective to install and usually pay for themselves in a few years.

CONVENIENCE: Drip Systems provide the ultimate convenience to you as a home owner by automating your watering needs and eliminating the chore of daily watering. Micro/Drip Systems also provide peace of mind if you take a vacation or need to keep your gardens healthy at the family cottage.

FLEXIBILITY: One drip system allows flexibility for a variety of watering applications. A drip system allows you to easily adjust the flow of water to certain areas and restrict it to others. In addition to this, once installed a drip system can be expanded seamlessly from the existing system. Vegetables, Containers, Shrubs, etc. can all be watered from the same system! Drip systems can also be fitted to Rain Barrels to create gravity fed systems.

Most Micro Systems are connected directly to your hose bib (faucet) and require no digging or visible alteration to your yard or deck. The Irrigation Direct Canada team ensures systems are discretely installed and most systems become virtually invisible once complete.


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