Drip Tape Installation Tutorial - Installation

Drip Tape Installation Tutorial - Installation

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Installation: Overview

To install, you will need to attach the Hose Vacuum Breaker then Filter and Pressure Regulator to your faucet or garden hose. The supply line will be either 1/2” or 3/4” (depending on which kit purchased) solid drip tubing is run at the end of each garden row. Drip tape rows are connected to the poly drip tubing with a barbed drip take-off fitting (DT-TO250 or DT-FCV250B). We have included hold down wire stakes for the 1/2” or 3/4” tubing. Drip tape is generally buried 4” – 6” below the soil.

Installation Step-by-Step

Start by rolling the tubing out in the sun to soften it, then weigh it down and let the sun heat the tubing. This will help make it easier to work with.

Step One: Connecting to the Hose Bibb

  1. Screw the Hose Vacuum Breaker (DD-HVB) onto the faucet. Note: If you have purchased an optional Hose End Timer (DIG B09D) screw it onto the faucet first. Then attach the Hose Vacuum Breaker to the Hose End Timer.

2. Screw the Filter (A4-HTF200) onto the Hose Vacuum Breaker.

3. Screw the Pressure Regulator (DD-HPR10) onto the Filter.

4. Screw the Direct-Loc Swivel Adapter (DL-FHS600 or A1-H8S) onto the Pressure Regulator.


Step Two: From the Hose Bibb to the Garden

  1. Attach Drip Tubing (DD-DH700-100 or DD-DH940-100) to the 1/2” swivel adapter and run it to one end of the garden rows.


2. Secure the drip tubing with 8’ Wire Stakes (TLS6).


3. Add a Direct-Loc Threaded End Cap (DL-EC600 or A1-H8CAP) to the end(s) of the drip tubing. Leave the cap off for flushing.


Turn on the water and FLUSH THE LINE until all lines are clear of debris. Replace the 1/2” or 3/4” threaded end caps at the ends of the drip tubing.

Step Three: Installing Drip Tape Rows

  1. At each garden row use the Deluxe Hole Punch (DD-HP250-DG) to poke a hole in the drip tubing.

2. Insert the 1/4” barb of the Drip Tape 5/8” x 1/4” Barb Fitting (DT-TO250) directly into the poly drip tubing until it snaps into place.


3. Screw the collar of the Drip Tape 5/8” x 1/4” Barb Fitting down towards the fitting to expose the drip tape barb. Slip the Drip Tape (P1-1508-500 or P1-1508-1000) over the barb. Screw the collar in the other direction so that it tightens down over the drip tape.


4. Roll drip tape down the row and cut with scissors to the desired row length.

5. Slide drip tape through the narrow end of the Drip Tape End (DT-TSE) so that it sticks out of the end a few inches. Fold over two or three times. Pull back the tubing in order to lock it in place.




  6. Your kit contains one or more threaded end caps. Attach a Tape Loc x Male End with End Cap (DT-EC58) to the end of a line for easier line flushing.


7. Drip should be buried 4-6” below the soil surface. You may want to leave the ends of the tubing exposed slightly so that you can find them and flush the lines annually. 

8. Turn on your system and check each row for water output.

  • Goof Plugs (DD-GP) are used to plug holes in poly drip tubing.
  • The Direct-Loc Coupling (DL-C600 or A1-HC800) is used to connect the 1/2” or 3/4” solid drip tubing or for repairs in tubing that goof plugs can’t handle.
  • The Drip Tape 5/8” Loc Coupler (DT-C58) is used to connect or repair 5/8” drip tape.

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