DIY Installation of Sprinkler Rotors and Spray Bodies

DIY Installation of Sprinkler Rotors and Spray Bodies

Methods for installing both Rotors and Spray Bodies for your DIY Irrigation System. Component installations for both Blu-Lock and Conventional Tubing.

There are several ways to accomplish the same objective when installing Rotors and Sprayers, none of them are 100% right or wrong but certain methods can provide benefits such as simplifying installation and providing versatility for movement once your installation is complete.

For illustration purposes we will assume that Rotors have a 3/4” Female Pipe Thread (FPT) inlet and a Spray Bodies have a 1/2” FPT inlet.   The same concepts can be applied for components with larger threading.

Tools On Hand  
Conventional Poly Tubing and Fittings Blu-Lock Tubing and Components
  • Tubing Cutting Tool
  • Flat Head Screw Driver (if using Gear Clamps)
  • Crimping Tool (if using Crimp Clamps)
  • Teflon Tape for threaded fittings
  • Heat Gun or Container of Hot Water (to heat tubing for easy installation of insert fittings.
  • Tubing Cutting Tool
  • Teflon Tape                                                                              



Methods for Installing Rotors and Spray Bodies

We will now look at the various methods for installing Rotors and Spray Bodies for your Sprinkler System;




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