How To Install Drip Irrigation for Decks and Patios

How To Install Drip Irrigation for Decks and Patios

Deck and Patio

The page will give you a simple tutorial in how to set up a Drip Irrigation System for Decks and Patios.  Although every installation of Drip Irrigation is different this illustration gives you the basic components to set up a system for decks and patios.  This illustration does not include the necessary parts for connecting to your water source.  For Water Source Connections Click Here.

Please note: Product photos are not to scale to best illustrate connections for the system.

This example for a deck and patio uses DD-DH700-100 Tubing for distributing water around the perimeter of the deck area. You can also use DD-DH250-100 tubing for the perimeter of small/medium sized decks.


1. Assemble Water Source Connection

2. Lay out distribution tubing around perimeter of the deck area. Use Perma-Lock Fittings to turn corners, and change direction. Secure distribution tubing using either stakes (TLS6) or clips (DD-MC700B ) for the 1/2" Tubing.

3. Install End Cap (DL-EC600) at the end of the distribution line (1/2" tubing), or continue to other garden areas.

4. Install Basket Assembly as shown below.  


Hanging Basket Assembly

Simple How-To Instructions for Installing Drip Irrigation to Hanging Baskets and Containers

  • If using 1/2" or 3/4" Solid Tubing as the distribution line, tap into the tubing with a hole punch. (Note, if 1/4" micro tubing (DD-DH250-100) is being used as the distribution tubing then use a DD-T250 to tee the connection to the container or basket).
  • Insert DD-C250 into distribution line and attach 1/4" micro tubing to the DD-C250. Feed line to a convenient location leading to the container to be watered. If desired use a d DD-MC250 to neatly attach the tubing to your deck or fencing. If corners are present, use a DD-L250 to keep the 1/4" micro tubing tight to the corner.
  • Feed 1/4" micro tubing through deck or fencing or directly to the planter. Attach DD-SR360S to the end of the tubing.
  • Once system is complete adjust the flow of the DD-SR360S by adjusting top cap for desired flow rate.



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