RB 100HVNPT - RB 100HVNPT - 100HVNPT - 1 in. HV Series Inline Sprinkler Valve - Female x Female Threaded (K1D2)

RB 100HVNPT - RB 100HVNPT - 100HVNPT - 1 in. HV Series Inline Sprinkler Valve - Female x Female Threaded (K1D2)


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Pressure: 15 to 150 PSI

Flow: 0.2 to 30 GPM; for flows below 3 GPM (0,68 m3 /h; 0,19 l/s) or any Landscape Drip application, use a 200 mesh filter installed upstream

Operating Temperatures: Water temperature up to 110° F (43° C); ambient temperature up to 125° F (52° C)

Solenoid: 24 VAC 50/60 Hz (cycles/sec.)

  • Inrush current: 0.290A at 60 Hz
  • Holding current: 0.091A at 60 Hz
  • Solenoid Coil resistance: 70-85 Ohms (40° F - 110° F)


1 in. (26/34) female x female threaded plastic residential irrigation valve

  • Eccentric diaphragm for smooth closing, less water hammer
  • Compact design, 2.54 in. spin radius for tight installations (install more valves in a single valve box)
  • Captive multi-drive screws for ease of access and faster bonnet removal
  • Glass-filled polypropylene body for strength
  • Your choice of tools to open valve (nut driver, Phillips head screw driver, slotted head screw driver)
  • Four screws for quick access to diaphragm
  • List price is more than 20% lower than competitors

What is the difference between a DV Valve and an HV?

  1. A solenoid that is easy to turn at high pressure without the use of a handle or tool,
  2. A more efficiently designed solenoid that delivers the same performance and durability at a much lower cost,
  3. Four bonnet screws (instead of six) for lower cost,
  4. Bonnet screws that have a multi-drive head so you can use the tool you have handy or prefer instead of being limited to a Phillips head screw driver,
  5. Bonnet screws that are captured in the bonnet so they won’t get lost,
  6. Bonnet screws that are removed with half the number of twists of your driver due to a clever thread design that stills delivers the same holding power,
  7. A body design and new material that reduces the cycle time in the molding machine to greatly lower cost and yet offers the same strength,
  8. A patented diaphragm design that reduces water hammer effect by 20% over the DV, Hunter PGV and Irritrol 2400/2500.
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