Using Cut-Off Risers and Schedule 80 Fittings

Using Cut-Off Risers and Schedule 80 Fittings

Cut-Off Risers and Schedule 80 Fittings are another option for installing Sprinkler Heads.  Using Cut-Off Risers and Schedule 80 Nipple Fittings will allow for Irrigation components to be installed at various heights.   In conjunction with Swing Assemblies, these fittings can provide all of the flexibility you need when installing Rotors and Spray Bodies for your Sprinkler System.

Cut-Off Risers

This photograph at left illustrates the use of a single Cut-Off Riser.  Cut-Off Risers can be easily cut at various intervals to give you the desired height for installing a Spray Head.  Cut-Off Risers are generally offered 6" Long with combinations of MPT fittings.

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Schedule 80 Nipple Fittings


This photograph illustrates just a few of the options available when installing Schedule 80 Nipple fittings.  Unlike Cut-Off Risers, these fittings are offered in set sizes.  However they are offered in many lengths from 1" Close Fittings to 3 ft for different applications.

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