Using Netafim Techline for Vegetable Gardens and Raised Bed Gardens

Using Netafim Techline for Vegetable Gardens and Raised Bed Gardens

Raised Bed System Layout Using TLEZ or TLCV Dripline.

· This set up allows for easy removal of drip lines and or entire manifold assembly.

· Easy shut-off of individual beds for isolation.  This is also beneficial for Winterizing system.

· Long lasting for many years of use.

Illustration of a Raised Bed Vegetable Garden Using Netafim Techline Drip Hose.

Component Options For Raised Bed Set Up Using TLEZ Dripline


Connection from Mainline to  Raised Bed or Garden Area (use either 1/2” or 3/4” Solid Drip Tubing)



Direct Lock Fitting to create “T” to Garden Bed (with Swivel Fitting for easy removal of entire Bed Assembly.  For Connection from 3/4” Line use DD-ST940.  



Male Hose Adaptor connects to either DL-ST600 or DD-ST940.  You now connect 1/2” Solid Drip Tubing to the DL-MH600.  

Note: You can sutbstitute these first two components with either a single DL-T600 or a DD-T940700 (if using a 3/4" header)



Flow Control Valve to shut off or isolate watering for Garden Bed.



Direct Lock Elbow.


Connection assembly from 1/2” Tubing to TLEZ 12mm Dripline (17mm Tubing Can also be used with 17mm fittings.


DIG 24-065

Connects to 1/2” line and provides a 1/2” FPT (female pipe thread) fitting.



1/2” Male Pipe Thread Fitting x 12mm Insert Fitting for direct connection to 12mm Dripline.  If using 17mm Dripline a T17050MA will be required. 


End Cap Connections



Figure 8 Fitting for closing the end of 12mm Dripline Runs.  For 17mm Tubing use DD-F8.

T12SOV (or TLSOV for 17mm) Fitting can also be used for drainage at the end of dripline runs.



End Cap fitting for the end of 1/2” Solid Drip tubing runs.  Allows for easy drainage at season end.


Additional Components To Consider



1/2” Hold Down Clips for Nailing to Wood Raised Beds.



Hold Down Stakes to keep tubing placed in soil.