Wi-Fi-Enabled HPC Face Panel for Pro-C® Controllers

Wi-Fi-Enabled HPC Face Panel for Pro-C® Controllers


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The revolutionary new HPC face panel from Hunter brings Pro-C® modular and fixed station controllers manufactured since March 2014 into the world of Wi-Fi irrigation management — with no reinstallation or rewiring required.

Perfect for retrofitting existing controllers or for new installations that demand modular functionality, the HPC was developed to give contractors another powerful tool to grow their businesses. The HPC uses Hydrawise™ technology to offer automatic watering schedule updates based on real-time climate data and deliver instant alerts to contractors in the event of a problem in the system. Simply swap out the dial face panel with the new touch-screen HPC, and you have an economical and effective way to provide customers with the 21st-century tools that they demand.

With its convenient Wi-Fi capabilities, the EPA WaterSense-approved HPC face panel with Hydrawise technology brings simplicity to irrigation management while offering tremendous water savings. This helps contractors grow their business, protect landscapes, and ensure customer satisfaction.
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